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Non-GMO Weed Control
BETTY VALLE GEGG-NAEGER: Senior Staff Writer, MidAmerica Farmer Grower
Milan Soybean Disease, Insect And Weed Field Day Success
REGINA LAROSE: Associate Editor, MidAmerica Farmer Grower
Livestock Sector- Clash Between More Variability In Demand And Less Flexibility In Supply
DR. DARYLL E. RAY: Agricultural Economist, University of Tennessee
Crop Prices Remain Firm
DR. DARREL GOOD: Extension Economist, University of Illinois
Weed Control In Tall Fescue Pastures And Hayfields
DR. GARY BATES: Professor/Plant Sciences, University of Tennessee
The Top Line
MIRANDA REIMAN: Industry Information Specialist for Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB)
Cow Slaughter Down 0.5 Percent From 2008
GLENN GRIMES AND RON PLAIN: Agricultural Economists, University of Missouri
Fall Breeding Season Reminder
DR. TERESA L. STECKLER: Extension Specialist, Animal Systems/Beef, University of Illinois
National Feeder Pig Prices Rise $3-$6
GLENN GRIMES AND RON PLAIN: Agricultural Economists, University of Missouri
Rainy Growing Season Begs Question- Who Will Survive Into 2010
ROBERT SEAY: Benton County Extension Agent Staff Chair, University of Arkansas
The South's Leading Agriculture Production Conferences
Wet Weather Affecting Fall-Born Calves
UK Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center Construction Moving Ahead
Specialist Says There Is No Definitive Cause Of Contracted Tendons
ELDON COLE: Livestock Specialist, University of Missouri
Fruitland Livestock Market
NOVEMBER 10, 2009 • Fruitland, Mo.
Patton Junction Livestock Auction
NOVEMBER 9, 2009 • Patton, Mo.
2010 Integrated Resource Management Calendar Available
Dr. CLYDE LANE, JR.: Professor/Department of Animal Science, University of Tennessee

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