Editorial Content of MidAmerica Farmer Grower
JULY 25 - ISSUE 30

New Lines Under Study
BETTY VALLE GEGG: Senior Staff Writer, MidAmerica Farmer Grower
Ewing Tour Focuses On Planting Conditions
BETTY VALLE GEGG: Senior Staff Writer, MidAmerica Farmer Grower
Political Stumbling Blocks Preventing Interaction With Cuba
REGINA LAROSE: Associate Editor, MidAmerica Farmer Grower
A 1,700 Acre Farming Operation In China And Saturday-Night Like Activity In Town
DR. DARYLL E. RAY: Agricultural Economist, University of Tennessee
Japanese Beetle Numbers High In Missouri
Cache River Valley Seed Field Day On August 20, 2008 In Cash Arkansas
Corn And Soybean Prices-Now What
DR. DARREL GOOD: Extension Economist, University of Illinois
What Happened To The Bollworms
Field Day Features Crop Research, Building Dedication
Rice Season-Average Farm Price Is Still Record Highest
ECONOMIC RESEARCH SERVICE U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC
Rice Blast Can Take A Big Bite Out Of Profits In 2008
DR. ALLEN WRATHER: Professor Plant Pathology, University of MIssouri-Delta Center
University Crop Science Field Tour Dates Set
ROBERT BELLM: Extension Educator, Crop Systems, University of Illinois
Pioneer Talks Crops
GREG PFEFFER: Agronomist for Pioneer, Dexter, Missouri
Net Beef Imports As Percent Of Production Declines From 2007 Figures
GLENN GRIMES AND RON PLAIN: Agricultural Economists, University of Missouri
Beef Producers Facing Tough Economic Times
DR. RICHARD L TRIMBLE: Extension Farm Managemnet Specialist, University of Kentucky
Eastern Missouri Livestock Auction
JULY 18, 2008 • Bowling Green, Mo.
Farmington Livestock Market
JULY 16, 2008 • Farmington, Mo.
Fruitland Livestock Market
JULY 15, 2008 • Fruitland, Mo.
Patton Junction Livestock Auction
JULY 14, 2008 • Patton, Mo.

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