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Agronomist Researches Grain Sorghum Row Spacing
KRISTEN JOHNSON Associate Editor, MidAmerica Farmer Grower
Cover Crop Opportunities
MICHAEL D PLUMER Extension Educator/Natural Resources, University of Illinois
Cover Crop Questions And Results
MICHAEL D PLUMER Extension Educator/Natural Resources, University of Illinois
Benefits Of Automatic Section Control (Auto-Swath) Technology For The Southern US
DR. JOHN P FULTON Assistant Professor/Extension Biosystems Engineering, Auburn University
Conducting On-Farm Experiments: Making The Most Of Precision Agriculture Technologies
DR. TERRY GRIFFIN Assistant Professor, Extension Economist, University of Arkansas
Sweet Sorghum For Biofuel Production
DR. GENE STEVENS Extension Crop Production Specialist, University of Missouri-Delta Ctr.
Arkansas Growers Experiment With White Sorghum
Seeding Rates Critical For Late-Planted Sorghum
AgCenter Researchers Study Use Of Drones In Crop Monitoring
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Bird’s Eye View
BETTY VALLE GEGG-NAEGER Senior Staff Writer, MidAmerica Farmer Grower
The Sky’s The Limit For UAVs In Ag
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Grain Sorghum Planting Dates And Sugarcane Aphids
DR. JASON KELLEY Wheat & Feed Grains Extension Agronomist
Fomesafen Carryover Into Grain Sorghum Update
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When Is Too Late For Grain Sorghum?
AUSTIN SCOTT Graduate Student
Grain Sorghum – Stand Issues And Replant Considerations
DR. ANGELA MCCLURE Extension Corn and Soybean Specialist, University of Tennessee

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