N Sources Reviewed At Ky. Wheat Field Day


    Different nitrogen sources for wheat production was discussed by Dr. Greg Schwab, University of Kentucky extension soil specialist.

   “There are some nitrogen products that help control some of the losses of nitrogen in wheat production, and we have some demonstration plots set up here to look at those different sources and how well they prevent nitrogen loss,” Schwab said.

   This year was actually a very good year to look at those products because of the very wet conditions which causes nitrogen loss. Most of the products performed very similarly, and most are quite effective at preventing the losses. What really stood out was the polymer coated urea product.

   “The polymer coated urea is a plastic coated product we’ve used for several years and that product does a very good job of controlling loss,” he said. “The nitrogen fertilizer is actually protected by the plastic shell. Some of the older technology, Super Urea (SuperU) also works very well. SuperU actually prevents the microbes in the soil from converting the nitrogen from ammonium to nitrate, and nitrate is the only form that can be lost. So those two products work very well.”

   Results of the demonstration plots is available in the UK Weed Science Research report. Δ

   BETTY VALLE GEGG-NAEGER: Senior Staff Writer, MidAmerica Farmer Grower

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