Clearfield Lines In The Arkansas Breeding Program Pipeline

   ‘CL171-AR’ rice (Oryza sativa L.), is a highyielding, midseason, long-grain Clearfield rice cultivar developed by the Agricultural Experiment Stations of Arkansas and Louisianna. Clearfield technology denotes resistance to the herbicide Newpath in the rice cultivar. CL171-AR originated from the cross ‘Wells’/’CL161’ made at the Rice Research Station at Crowley LA in conjunction with Dr. Tim Croughan in 1999. CL171-AR was approved for release to BASF for further testing during 2006. It has good rough rice yields with good milling yields similar to CL161. CL171-AR has lodging resistance like that of Wells rating moderately susceptible, and its maturity is similar to CL161 and ‘Cypress’. The grain weight and kernel size of CL171-AR is similar to that of LaGrue. CL171-AR rates susceptible to rice blast in Arkansas conditions, susceptible to moderately susceptible to sheath blight and susceptible to kernel smut. CL171-AR is similar to its parent CL161 for grain and milling yields and has typical southern U.S. long-grain cooking quality. The major advantage of the cultivar over the other Clearfield lines is its improved disease package. Seed will be available for planting of CL171-AR in 2008. Δ

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