Peanut Irrigation

   Our research at the UGA Stripling Irrigation Research Park indicates that using Irrigator Pro or UGA EASY Pan will work well in triggering irrigation at the right time. UGA EASY Pan is the simplest to use. We conducted research on a modified version of the UGA Extension recommendation (2 inches of water per week beginning at initial bloom). We don’t have a name for the modified Extension recommendation as of yet. We modeled it after the Stansell and Pallas water curve that was developed on Florunner in the 1970’s. It also follows the growth stages of the peanut. It is a hybrid of the water curve and growth stages. In the modified Extension recommendation we applied one-half inch of irrigation in weeks 5 and 6 after planting, one inch per week in weeks 7-9, and 1.5 inches in weeks 10-17. We applied 0.75 inches of irrigation in weeks 18-20 as a preventative of stress and potential of aflatoxin. In 2007 and 2008 we conducted research on two water curves, one that topped out at 1.5 inches of water per week in weeks 10-17 and the other that triggered 2.0 inches of water per week in weeks 10-17. The statistical analysis of the data from those two years indicated no difference between the two water curves. Therefore, in an effort to reduce irrigation costs, a producer could apply 1.5 inches per week during the critical pod fill stage if they use the modified Extension recommendation.
   Bottom line is to not water too much prior to pegging and pod fill but make sure to apply at least 1.5 inches during weeks 10-17 of the growing season. Δ
   DR. JOHN P. BEASLEY, JR.: Extension Agronomist, University of Georgia

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