What Is Trichomoniasis (“Trich” For Short)?

   Dr. Richard Randle, University of Nebraska Lincoln, cautioned producers about trichomoniasis. Trich is a venereal disease of cattle that results in reproductive loss. This has typically been a disease of the western U.S. However, many cattle have moved out of that region due to drought.
   Trich is transmitted to cows by an infected bull. Bulls show no outwards signs of the disease and it has no effect on libido or semen quality. Older bulls are more likely to become infected and there is no treatment. Cows become infected when bull bred. The infectious organism spreads throughout the reproductive tract causing inflammation which results in loss of the fetus. Cows typically clear the infection in three to four months and at that time their fertility returns.
   Strategies to reduce the chance of this disease include only buying virgin heifers from reputable sources, using only virgin or test-negative bulls, not renting, borrowing, or loaning bulls, and performing annual breeding soundness exams including Trich tests on bulls. Additionally, maintaining a short breeding season, timely pregnant checking, using artificial insemination when possible, avoiding co-mingling, maintaining good records, and maintaining and managing cows by breeding groups should also help. Δ
   SHAWN DEERING: Livestock Specialist, University of Missouri

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