Free Branding Demonstration March 26 In Mt. Vernon Provides “Hands On” Opportunity For Cattle Producers

   A branding demonstration will begin at 1:30 p.m., March 26, at the Jackie Moore Ranch headquarters located two miles north of Highway 174 on Missouri 39 at 12592 Lawrence 2090, Mt. Vernon.
   Many beef cattle farmers are concerned about the continued problem of cattle theft in southwest Missouri according to Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.
   “One of the precautions offered as a deterrent to theft is to have a legible brand on all of your cattle. Currently, it’s estimated that fewer than 10 percent of the cattle have a brand as a permanent identification mark on them,” said Cole.
   Missouri does have a brand law in place, but inspection is not required. However, Cole says most cattle thieves do not steal clearly branded cattle.
   “Discussion at this event will focus on the brand law, choosing a brand and location to place it on the animal,” said Cole.
   A number of cattle will be available at the demonstration to observe being branded with both hot iron and freeze brands. Those attending will have an opportunity to test their own skill at applying a legible brand on cattle.
   A representative of an electric branding iron company will also be on hand to explain the tips on selecting a brand that won't end up as being unreadable.
   “We will also be sharing tips on how a brand can be used in successful marketing of breeding stock and feeder cattle,” said Cole.
   The program will be held under-roof regardless of weather. This program is a cooperative effort of the Moore Ranch crew, Southwest Missouri Cattlemen's Association, University of Missouri Extension and local law enforcement officials.
   For more details or directions contact the University of Missouri Extension Center in Mt. Vernon at 417-466-3102. Δ

A very clear hot iron brand. A freeze brand that shows both ownership and within herd Identification. Photos by Eldon Cole, livestock specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

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