Pyrethroids And Bulls

   Last summer at the reproductive conference in Joplin, attendees heard that pyrethroid use in bulls could have a temporary negative effect on semen quality. These comments were based upon some observations that had been made by the speaker over time.
   As of yet, Craig Payne, extension veterinarian for the University of Missouri, is not aware of any controlled studies conducted in cattle that support or refute these claims. In addition, if there is an effect, it may be possible that some pyrethroids have a negative impact whereas others do not. According to Dr. Payne, there is a university currently conducting a study to see if pyrethroids do have a negative effect. He hopes those results will be available by next spring. Dr. Payne also recommends that until we have conclusive evidence, you should rely upon the advice of your local veterinarian when choosing which fly control products to use in your operation. Δ
   ELDON COLE: Extension Livestock Specialist, University of Missouri

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