On-Farm Stored Grain Fumigation Workshop


   The University of Kentucky Grain Science Working Group will be offering a Grain Storage Fumigation Workshop on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM CDT, at the UK-Research and Education Center (REC) in Princeton, KY. This workshop follows the Annual Wheat Field Day that will be held at the Center from 8:00 AM to noon the same day. These two programs are complementary, developed by the same working group, but are separate events. Additionally, the Fumigation Workshop will cover all grain crops. Each event will have its own registration and separate pesticide continuing education units (CEUs).
   Successful on-farm grain storage of wheat, corn, soybean, and specialty grains has become an increasingly important part of Kentucky’s grain production and marketing sector. However, grain storage also brings with it a completely different set of potential problems compared to the production phase. For example, the group of insect pests is completely different from those farmers see in their production fields. In addition, the cultural and pesticide knowledge, as well as, tools, techniques and equipment needed to prevent, manage, and sometimes remedy insect infestation in grain-storage are very different from those used in grain production. Another important change is that KY on-farm storage facilities have increased greatly in size over recent years.
   This program is designed to address practical issues in securing successful and safe fumigation when the need arises. Fumigation makes use of arguably the most toxic pesticides that grain producers will ever have on their farms. Without question, proper use of these products demands a high priority on safety. In addition, poor use techniques will lead to resistance, and incomplete control, which will only increase the costs and losses in storage.
   Grain Storage Fumigation Workshop
   Tuesday, 13 May 2014
   1:00pm- 4:30 pm CDT
   UK-Research & Education Center
    1205 Hopkinsville St. Princeton, KY 42445
   • What are you trying to control? – All insects are not the same!
   • General Safety – The fumigant isn’t the only danger!
   • Product Safety – Product Related
   Phosphine hazards
   • Regulatory update – The Phosphine label is once again under review.
   • How potential phosphine review may affect the availability / use of phosphine products
   Phosphine Resistance
   • General awareness – YES, there are phosphine resistant insects in KY!
   • How to help control the spread of strong resistance
   • Basic information
   • Preparation:  Materials;  Labor
   • Proper application
   • Monitoring
   • Small and Large scale applications
   • New technologies and alternatives
   This will be a free-form discussion format with the professional fumigators leading the discussion. Other participants will provide comment / clarification /understanding in their areas of expertise.
   • Attendees should come prepared to ask questions
   • Equipment and supplies will be on display.
   • Site visit to a newly constructed, large, on-farm grain storage facility at Seven Springs Farm, Wallonia, KY
   • Mr. Josh Wilhelm and Mr. Jordan Rivera, Fumigators, Fumigation Service and Supply, Westfield, IN
   • Dr. Doug Johnson, Extension Entomologist, Grain crops production and storage – University of Kentucky, UK-REC, Princeton, KY
   • Dr. Sam McNeil, Extension Agricultural Engineer – Design, & management of grain drying and storage facilities – University of Kentucky. UK-REC, Princeton, KY
   Continuing Education Units
   • Continuing Education Units (CEU) for Pesticide Credit have been requested in Categories: 1b -Agricultural Fumigation, 10 – Demonstration and Research, 12 – Pesticide Sales Agent, and 14 – Pest Control Consultant
   There is no cost to attend but registration is requested and appreciated. This will enable us to appropriately plan for the number of people attending. Simply call 270-356-7541 X0 or e-mail kcotton@uky.edu; reference the Grain Fumigation workshop, and tell us how many are in your party.∆
   DR. DOUG JOHNSON: Extension Professor of Entomology and IPM Coordinator, University of Kentucky
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