Trio Of November Workshops Focus On Risk Management Under The 2014 Farm Bill

   The 2014 Farm Bill brings big changes in the way Southern farmers handle risk management and training sessions in Jonesboro, Forrest City and Dumas are planned to help producers adapt successfully.
   The half-day crop insurance workshops are set for Nov. 11 in Jonesboro; Nov. 12 in Forrest City, and Nov. 13 in Dumas. They will feature panel discussions with John Anderson of the American Farm Bureau Federation, Dave Goeller, risk management educator and grain producer from Nebraska, local producers and a representative from the National Crop Insurance Services.
   There is no cost to attend and lunch will be provided. To register visit The event is being presented by the Southern Risk Management Education Center and the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.
   “These trainings are an opportunity for growers to learn more about the role that crop insurance can play in managing their farms’ risks,” said Ron Rainey, extension economist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and co-director for the Southern Risk Management Education Center.
   With all the changes in the new Farm Bill, “it is arguable that no region of the U.S. will be as impacted as those in the South,” said H.L. Goodwin, professor-ag economics and a co-director of the Southern Risk Management Education Center. “We believe that for Southern producers to successfully manage risk under the 2014 Farm Bill, they must employ to a greater extent their full range of risk management tools.
   “Crop insurance has now become the primary governmentally assisted tool for risk management for our producers,” he said. “That is why we are sponsoring this important informational event.” ∆
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