Livestock Reports

Eastern Missouri Livestock Auction
NOV. 29, 2014 • Bowling Green, Mo.
Special Bred Cow and Cow/Calf Sale For Nov. 29, 2014 • Receipts: 931

   Eastern Mo. Commission Company’s annual Thanksgiving weekend Special Bred Cow and Heifer Sale including Cow/Calf Pairs was held Saturday, November 29, 2014 with active bidding from a large standing room only crowd of buyers as demand was very good for bred heifers and young bred cows along with cow/calf pairs as overall quality was very good.
   BRED HEIFERS: Top quality black/red Angus 1020-1285 lbs 2nd-3rd stage $2775-3075, fancy blk and few red Angus 1130-1250 lbs 2nd-3rd stage $3150-3225. Medium and Large 1-2: Pkg 1035 lbs 2nd-3rd stage $2490.
   BRED COWS: Medium and Large 1: 3-6 yrs 1150-1525 lbs top quality blk/red Angus 2nd-3rd stage $2800-3050, several pkgs of fancy blks 2nd-3rd stage $3200-3250. Medium and Large 1-2: 5 yrs to short solid 950-1575 lbs 2nd-3rd stage $2200-2750; 7 yrs to aged 1100-1400 lbs 2nd-3rd stage $1600-2100.
   COW/CALF PAIRS: Medium and Large 1: 3-5 yrs fancy blk/red Angus 1125-1300 lbs w/baby to 200 lb calves $3300-3550 per pair, pkg 1200 lbs w/150-200 lb calves $3700 per pair; 3 yrs to short solid 1200-1550 top quality mostly blk w/baby-300 lb calves $2950-3275 per pair, two lots aged cows blk 1300-1400 lbs w/250 lb calves $2700-2825. Medium and Large 1-2: 5 yrs to short solid 1050-1450 lbs w/baby to 250 lb calves $2400-2825 per pair.
   FEEDER/STOCKER COWS: Medium and Large 1-2: Few 2-4 yrs old open cows and heiferettes mostly blk 950-1150 $161-183. ∆
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