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The Old Reminisce, Young Learn About Past At Ear Corn Picking

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   “The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys,” goes the old adage. Several area men proved that one day in late October when they brought their antique equipment to the Ron and Brenda Joggerst farm near here to pick 10 acres of ear corn.

 Picking lineup is first Myron Naeger on a John Deere, Mark Heberlie on an International and bringing up third is Jerry Davis on a Ford.

Participating in the event were:
   • Alvin Braun, who provided his New Idea two-row, pull-type, wide-row picker, pulled by a 1946 John Deere A operated by Myron Naeger.
   • Mark Heberlie, who brought a two-row Model 2 ME picker mounted on an IHC M tractor.
   • Jerry Davis, who was picking with a 1963 Ford 4000 tractor and one-row mounted Ford Model 601 corn picker.
   • Larry Giesler picked with an IHC M and 2 ME picker for a few rounds.
   The men worked together to harvest the 10 acres of ear corn, and as they ran their vintage pickers, Ethan Schremp, Jason Braun, Wade Jokerst, Larry Giesler, Mike Flieg and several others took turns hauling loaded wagons to the grain bin where the corn will be ground and fed to weaned calves.

 Myron Naeger gives Francis Huber a turn at picking while driving the John Deere.

  “Ear corn makes the best feed for weaning calves,” said Alvin Braun. He is hoping to repeat the event next year.
   Old memories flooded the minds of those participating. Francis Huber, 88, drove his John Deere A while smiling from ear to ear as he recalled events of years ago.
   Many onlookers showed up to witness this little piece of history, including Tom and Dave Jokerst whose father had owned and operated the IHC tractor and picker. It was a day of reminiscing about the old days for some and, for others too young to have experienced “old time harvesting,” it was an introduction to activities of days gone by.
   The group met at the Don and Betty Schremp farm near Coffman where Alvin and Janet Braun reside. The Joggerst farm is a short drive from the Schremp/Braun farm.
   Lost Acres Tractor Club was also a key part of the event. ∆
   BETTY VALLE GEGG-NAEGER: Senior Staff Writer, MidAmerica Farmer Grower

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