2015 IPM Training For Field Crops


   2015 IPM Training will be held on March 4 at the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center located in Princeton. Presenters and topics for the day will include:  Dr. Jim Martin, Update on Resistant Weeds and New Technology; Dr. Doug Johnson, Insect Update; Dr. Steve Higgins, Using Biosolids (on agriculture lands); and Carey Grable, UAVs for Scouting and Monitoring.  Dr. Tammy Horn, Kentucky State Apiarist with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, will be discussing the 2014 Apiarist Report, some of the new 2015 bee legislation, Colony Collapse Disorder, and the cover crop grant in the “I” states (Iowa, Indiana, Illinois) that did not include Kentucky but may prove useful in the long term.
   The program is approved for 5.0 continuing education units (CEU) for Certified Crop Advisor (3 Pest Management, 1 Nutrient Management, and 1 Professional Development), and pesticide education hours have been requested in categories (1A) AG Plant Pest, (4) Seed Treatment, (10) Demonstration and Research, (12) Pesticide Sales Agent, and (14) Pest Control Consultant.
   A complete copy of the program is available on the IPM website. For more information, contact Patty Lucas at or 270-365-7541 ext.218. ∆
   PATTY LUCAS: IPM Extension Specialist, University of Kentucky
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