Haldeman Family 1940 John Deere B

This 1940 John Deere B was bought new by Ed and Louise Haldeman. The second owner was Henry Ley, who purchased the tractor at the Haldeman’s auction. Then, Henry’s son-in-law, Robert “Moon” Maune and his wife Roberta subsequently bought the tractor and became the third owner. In 1977, Jerome and Alice Haberberger traded a five horsepower three-phase electric motor for the tractor to Moon, who needed the motor for use on his hog farm. That same year the tractor was restored and is used for light work on the farm. It also has a front mounted two-row cultivator. Jerome and Alice’s grandson, who is 10 years old, loves to drive the old John Deere B. The tractor resides in Villa Ridge, Missouri. All of the owners are related so the tractor has been in the same family since it was new. ∆

 Henry Ley, 2nd owner

Ed and Louise Haldeman
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