Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Sale


   Southeast Missouri is hosting its 16th SHOW-ME-SELECT Replacement Heifer Sale for Fall Calving at Fruitland, MO on May 2, 2015. The May sale offers home-raised females, of which many originate from herds with generations of stacked pedigrees and superior genetic lines. New to this sale is our offering of purchased commercial heifers. We have over 80 purchased heifers consigned, many of them bred to high accuracy AI sires with great carcass characteristics and high $B.
   Once again, consigners have brought an excellent line-up of heifers. This year 227 heifers are available. There are 224 Black or BWF, 2 RWF, and 1 Red heifer. Registered females include: 53 Angus, 4 Black Herefords, 9 Simmental, and 3 SimAngus. This group of heifers is 70 percent A.I. bred, 90 percent fetal sexed, and 25 percent qualify for Tier II. The heifers will be sold in uniform lots according to breed, color, size, calving date and fetal sex – when available. 
   Featured AI bulls include:
   Hoover Dam, Sydgen Liberty, GAR Prophet, Connealy Impression, PA Power Tool, SAV Angus Valley, EXAR Upshot, EF Complement, MOGCK Sure Shot, Circle A Incentive, ER Complement, VAR Reserve, O’Reilly Factor, Sydgen Touchstone, and Ranch Hand.
   Tier II sires include:
   GAR Prophet, GAR Progress, GAR Predestined, WHS Limelight, Werner War Party, Sydgen Trust, Sydgen Liberty, Sydgen Turbo, Sundance Kid, Alcoa New Standard, SAV Final Answer,  SAV Brilliance, SAV Bismarck, SAV Iron Mountain, SAF Directive, PA Power Tool, HA Program, ALC Big Eye, Connealy Reflection, Connealy Final Product, Hoover Dam, CRA Bextor, TNT Ever Ready, EXAR Upshot
This will be the second largest fall-calving sale since 2008. This is a true southeast MO sale, with all participants from the southeast region, many of which are long-time Show-Me-Select consignors. If you are interested in a catalog please contact our office 573-243-3581 or visit our website: The catalog includes footnotes from the consigners and EPD accuracy on available sires. ∆
   ERIN LARIMORE: Extension Livestock Specialist, SE Region, University of Missouri
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