Feedout Deadline Ahead

   May 10 is the deadline for entering 5 or more steers in the Feedout program in Iowa this summer. So far entries are light in number. If you enter 10 or more head they will give you a $400 per head cash advance. I don’t guarantee what the cost of gain will be, but Kansas State’s Feedlot Report projects around $80 per hundred. Give me a call if you’d like to learn what kind of calf you’re raising. Is it Choice, Prime or Select? Is it a 2 Yield Grade or a fat, 4 or 5? Do your calves gain better than the average in their pen? What’s their health and treatment costs at the lot? Are they calm and easy going or excitable when being worked? How do your cattle rank on retail yield value per day of age? You’ll have those answers by the end of the year if you participate in the program. ∆
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