Reports Of Armyworms In Wheat


There have been a couple of reports of armyworms in wheat. Armyworms defoliate wheat and may even cut the heads, typically when populations are high. Yield loss is most likley if defoliation occurs during the milk stages, with little yield loss occurring even if severe defoliation occurs during the dough stage. The picture was sent to me by a private consultant showing substantial defoliation under a pivot where the field was not treated.
For true armyworm, use a treatment threshold of 6-8 larvae per square foot if wheat is still in the milk stage. Once past the milk stage, wheat can tolerate higher populations and treatment is not usually recommended unless larvae are cutting wheat heads. Synthetic pyrethroids at mid rates such Baythroid XL, Declare, Karate/Warrior, and Mustang Max are typically used with good effect. ∆
   DR. SCOTT STEWART: IPM Extension Specialist, University of Tennessee

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