Website Has Info For Farmers Affected By Wet Weather In 2015

   Too much rain this spring and summer has given Missouri farmers unprecedented challenges, say University of Missouri Extension agriculture specialists.
   In many parts of the state, wet fields have delayed or prevented corn and soybean planting. Farmers are looking at the prospect of reduced yields, stunted growth, and pest, weed and disease problems. Fruit and vegetable producers, gardeners and homeowners face similar concerns.
   An MU Extension task force has developed a website with information for farmers, ranchers, fruit and vegetable growers, gardeners, landowners and others affected by the wet weather. Topics include row crops, forages, cover crops, livestock impacts, horticulture, crop insurance, nutrient management, trees and turfgrass, and monitoring and control of pests, diseases and weeds.
   The website, at, will be updated as new information becomes available.
   Contributors include MU Extension specialists in agronomy, livestock production, horticulture, forestry, agricultural economics, nutrient management, climatology and integrated pest management. ∆
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