2015 Tennessee Wheat Quick Facts Now Available


   Now available online, the 2015 Tennessee Wheat Quick Facts Publication (W 321) is designed to be a single page (printed front/back) summary of the most pertinent information in wheat production stemming from University of TN research.  Additionally, the document also contains links to many full-length UTIA publications through QR codes or (if in digital form) by clicking the grey boxes on the scattered throughout the document. Special thanks should be given to the numerous specialists and professors both here in Jackson and in Knoxville who contributed.
   Tired of carrying around print? Download the pdf to your phone or select, ‘open in ibooks’ if you have an Apple product. Accessing the document this way will allow you to have all of the hyperlinks to the full extension publications at your fingertips. ∆
   DR. TYSON RAPER: Cotton & Small Grains Specialist, University of Tennessee
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