Randy Dowdy The 503+ Bushel Per Acre Corn Grower In Conference Lineup

Dowdy Will Address High Yield Corn Management At The 
January 13-14, 2016 Conference In Memphis

   National Corn Growers Association’s (NCGA) world record holder, Randy Dowdy of Brooks County Georgia will be speaking at the 19th  the Annual Southern Corn & Soybean Conference, January 13-14, 2016 at the Hilton Convention Center in Memphis, Tennessee.
   Dowdy, a corn, soybean, wheat, cotton and peanut grower has been participating in the NCGA yield contest for several years. His philosophy is to maximize yields by minimizing stress plants experience throughout the growing season. With a focus on corn yields, he has experienced many successes.
   Dowdy’s NCGA Yield Contest results include: 1st in Georgia, 2010 with 279 bushel per acre; 2nd nationally in 2011 in two categories with 352 and 364 bushel per acre; 1st nationally in 2012 with a yield of 372 bushels per acre with other posted yields of 341 and 374 bushel per acre. In 2013, he had five NCGA entries two of which exceeded the coveted 400 bushel per acre. In 2014, he had two non-irrigated entries that exceeded 340 bushel per acre and irrigated entries that were 422, 444 and 457 bushel per acre. Dowdy is now the new World Record holder and the first grower to ever surpass 500 bushel per acre with a yield of 503.79 bushel per acre in the irrigated category.
   During the conference Dowdy will facilitate a question and answer Roundtable Session on “High Yield Corn Production” as well as share a Breakout Session with Dr. Dan Poston, Agronomy Research Manager, Dupont/Pioneer.
   Dowdy and Poston are two of the 127 speakers scheduled to make presentations at the conference according to John LaRose, Chairman of the Conference Steering Committee. “We worked really hard this year to expand the conference. We have 69 researchers, 42 farmers and 10 crop consultants from 10 states along with VIP speakers, who will be presenting Breakout Sessions, Roundtable discussions and workshops during the two day conference,” said LaRose.
   The Southern Corn & Soybean Conference will be held in conjunction with the 19th Annual National Conservation Systems Cotton & Rice Conference, the Delta States Irrigation Conference and the Southern Precision Ag Conference. One registration admits participates to all four conferences.
   Online registration and information can be found at www.mafg.net . ∆
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