Farmers Reminded To Respond To The 2015 Certified Organic Survey

   The 2015 Certified Organic Survey is underway and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is reminding farmers that it’s not too late to respond. In early February, survey questionnaires were mailed nationwide to all known organic farms. Later this month, NASS will begin conducting telephone follow up with producers who have not yet responded.
   “Your participation is strongly encouraged,” said NASS ’Tennessee State Statistician Debra Kenerson. “The 2015 Certified Organic Survey will provide vital data to assist farmers, suppliers, policymakers, as well as those in the private sector in planning the production and marketing of new programs and products to help sustain industry growth. For example, USDA’s Risk Management Agency will use the information to evaluate crop insurance coverage to help provide adequate pricing for organic producers.”
   The survey asks farmers to provide information on acreage, production, and sales for a variety of certified organic crop and livestock commodities. NASS is also gathering information about certified organic farmers’ marketing practices and transitional data. “NASS has a long-standing reputation for providing objective, accurate data about all aspects of U.S. agriculture, but the only way for us to provide accurate reports is with farmers’ input,” added Kenerson. “This is a voluntary survey and I hope that all farmers who have received it will recognize it as a way to benefit their industry and take the time to respond.”
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