Channel Field Check Up


   Just as most people have a yearly physical to ensure their well-being, crops need thorough checkups as well. Essential checkups for corn and soybeans should occur at or near emergence, midseason vegetation, pollination and grain fill.
   Conducting field checkups allows you to see how well the crop is growing and potentially help prevent any issues from occurring later. Hindsight is 20/20, right? According to the University of Illinois, as of April 17, 12 percent of Illinois’ corn crop is in the ground and is rising quickly each day. With the first and arguably most important field checkup being at emergence, there are many cornfields to be out walking and evaluating.

   Successful crop
   A successful crop starts from the beginning, so an emergence field checkup is essential to evaluate seedling emergence, uniformity and health. If the emerged population is less than desired then replant or spot planting maybe necessary. Uniformity is also very important, because uneven emergence can produce plants of different growth stages. Oftentimes, late-emerged corn plants never reach their true potential and produce a smaller ear or are barren. Seedling health is also important to note at emergence. Early-season insects and disease can damage seeds and seedlings. The subsequent damage may or may not have visible symptoms above ground. (Always carry a shovel in your truck!)
   Field checkups are just as important as your own health, so contact your local Channel Seedsman if you’d like to find out more information about our Channel Field Check-Up Series and see what insects and diseases to be on the lookout for in your area. ∆
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