Five Benefits Of Going Electric


   Using electric motors to power your farm’s irrigation system reduces operating costs, maintenance and more. Upgrade now to start saving this spring.
   Every farmer knows that staying profitable means finding ways to stretch every dollar. With so many unpredictable elements from the weather to the commodity markets, controlling costs can feel like an uphill battle. One way you can save money is by switching your diesel power irrigation units for electric motors.
   No matter whether you grow corn, rice, or soybeans, or raise crawfish, you can save money by going electric. Farmers across the Southeast are reaping rewards by replacing their old and new diesel powered engines with electric motors.
   Here are five benefits of choosing electric.
   1. Lower costs. Compared to using diesel powered engines, electric motors can help you reduce operating costs significantly.
   2. Cleaner to operate. There’s no need for checking oil or antifreeze, or changing filters, so electric motors are cleaner and more reliable.
   3. Less maintenance. Electric motors do not have belts, radiators, or clutches that need to be maintained. Also, no more transporting diesel out to the field to refuel engines.
   4. Less noise. Electric motors run quieter than diesel engines, which is ideal for pumps located near homes, businesses, or shops.
   5. Greater flexibility and control. With electric motors, you can add additional technology to save electricity and time, such as monitoring and controlling your pumps from your smartphone or tablet.
   Going electric is much easier than you think. That’s because since 2013 the Entergy Electric Conversion Program has been helping farmers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas connect more than 2,200 irrigation pumps to electricity. The program has field representatives in each state who are ready to work with you every step of the way, starting with a free onsite consultation and no-obligation cost estimate from Entergy for extending electricity lines to your wells.
   Get ready now for the next growing season. The Entergy Electric Conversion Program is available to farmers with irrigation wells located within Entergy’s service area in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. For more information on the Entergy Electric Conversion Program, visit or call 1-844-44WELLS (1-844-449-3557) and mention promo code Savings04. ∆
   PAT WATERS: Director Of Sales And Service For The Entergy Electric Conversion Program.

 Average Operating Costs: Electric vs. Diesel Irrigation Pumps

 Calculations are based on a 100-acre farm with a 100-foot well and are
 for illustrative purposes only. Specific fuel and electric costs and savings will vary.

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