Agronomy Day 2016 Field Tour Topics Announced

   Have questions about pest resistance or curious about the use of drones in agriculture? Plan to hear more on these and other topics related to crop sciences at the 59th annual Agronomy Day at the University of Illinois on August 18.
   Field tour topics and speakers for Agronomy Day 2016 were recently announced. Topics include:
   TOUR A 
   • Cataloging the weapons arsenal of the Fusarium head blight pathogen
   • Genetic resistance for northern leaf blight and Goss’ wilt in corn
   • Stripe rust and scab resistance in wheat
   • Bt resistance in corn rootworm beetles
   • Nematodes: How does the worm turn?
   • Nitrogen management: Balancing profitability with sustainability
   • Economics of nutrient management
   • Land values
   • Six weed management predictions to keep you up at night
   • Investigating low crop emergence in edamame
   • The show must go on: Balancing water use under continuously changing environmental conditions
   • Cover crops for soybean and corn rotation
   • Soybean planting date and variety maturity
   • Managing soybeans for high yields
   • Drone information and demonstration
   *Offered at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. (tentative) with limited availability, as attendees will be transported offsite to SoyFACE. Attendees will need to sign up in advance at the registration table. Tours will last one hour.
   • What is SoyFACE?
   • Improving maize tolerance in air pollution
• Improving drought tolerance and water use efficiency in C4 crops
   For a full list of this year’s speakers and topics, visit
Agronomy Day attracts more than 1,000 people each year seeking the latest information on technology and techniques to improve food and fuel production. This year, agronomy day will be held in a new location at 4202 South 1st Street in Savoy, Illinois. For more information on speakers, displays, and location, join Agronomy Day 2016 on Facebook or visit the Agronomy Day website. ∆
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