Dairy Profit Workshop Set For February

   University of Missouri Extension, Missouri Dairy Association and MultiMin USA will sponsor dairy profit seminars at five locations in February.
   MU Extension dairy specialist Reagan Bluel says the one-day events cover forage, vaccinations, ways to improve milk quality and financial benchmarks.
   Speakers include University of Nebraska-Lincoln extension forage specialist Bruce Anderson. He tells how to make high-quality alfalfa and how to measure forage quality.
   University of Georgia veterinary medicine professor Roberto A. Palomares shares ways to vaccinate dairy cattle to prevent respiratory and reproductive diseases.
  Dave Drennan, executive director of Missouri Dairy Association, will talk about today's dairy association.
   John Middleton and Pam Adkins, veterinarians with MU's College of Veterinary Medicine, offer tips to improve milk quality.
   MU Extension dairy and beef economist Joe Horner gives ways dairy operators can measure financial benchmarks.
   Attendees are asked to bring a total mixed ration sample for evaluation by MU Extension.
   The $20 workshop fee may be paid on the day of the event. Advance lunch reservations are required. Call the contact listed below to make lunch reservations.
   Locations and contacts:
   • Monday, Feb. 20: Pork Place, Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia. MU Extension, 660-827-0591.
   • Tuesday, Feb. 21: Springfield Livestock Marketing Center, Springfield. Reagan Bluel, 417-847-3161.
   • Wednesday, Feb. 22: Missouri State University Fruit Research Center, Mountain Grove. Ted Probert, 417-741-6134.
   • Thursday, Feb. 23: MU Extension Center in Cape Girardeau County, Jackson. MU Extension, 573-243-3581.
   • Friday, Feb. 24: Hagie's Nineteen, 618 N. Washington St., Union. Ken Bolte, 636-583-5141. ∆
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