New Improved 10 Step Bonus Coated+™ With Pearl Coat+™ As Its Standard Soybean Seed Treatment For 2018

   Merschman Seeds announced a new improved 10 step Bonus Coated+™ with Pearl Coat+™ as its standard soybean seed treatment for 2018. “This is by far the most sophisticated soybean seedling protection system we have ever applied to our soybean seed since we started treating soybean seed over 60 years ago. It will provide our customers maximum seedling disease and insect protection, improved vigor, better stands, outstanding plantability and yield potential” according to Joe Merschman President and CEO. “Our new soybean seed treatment includes multiple systemic fungicides, two biostimulants, an insecticide as well as a polymer, colorant and a seed finisher for ease of planting setting a new standard for soybean seed treatment performance. It’s simple, better soybean stands are the first critical step to higher yield potential.”
   New Bonus Coated+™ with Pearl Coat+™ in replicated research trials has proven to outperform untreated soybean seed by up to 6 bushels per acre and current industry standard seed treatments by as much as 3 bushels per acre. New improved Merschman Bonus Coated+™ with Pearl Coat+™ will be available exclusively from your local Merschman Seeds Dealer standard in 2018. 
   Merschman Seeds, Inc. is a Midwest family-owned independent seed company located in West Point, Iowa. Founded in 1954, Merschman Seeds is focused on marketing and distributing the best soybeans, corn, wheat and alfalfa seeds across the Midwest and Mid-South.       Merschman Seeds has a strong connection to farmers with its “farmer first mentality” and industry leading customer service. For more information, call toll-free (800) 848-733 or visit the website at . ∆
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