Time To Spray Winter Biennial Weeds Is Now

   Winter biennials like musk and bull thistles and poison hemlock (carrot weed) are getting ready to bolt and they need to be sprayed now according to Tim Schnakenberg, agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension.
   Spotted Knapweed is a perennial and has similar characteristics as these biennials.
   “Once these weeds bolt in the spring, it takes only a short time for them to produce viable seedheads in your pastures and fencerows. After that occurs, it’s too late to have effective control of the seed crop this year on these weeds,” said Schnakenberg.
   The good news, according to Schnakenberg, is that a well-timed herbicide application with appropriate products for the weeds in question is very effective in controlling them.
   A Weed and Brush Control (IPM 1031) guide includes further control methods and can be purchased online at http://extension.missouri.edu/p/IPM1031 or the nearest MU Extension Center. ∆
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