Governor Greitens Proclaims May As Beef Month In Missouri

   Missouri Director of Agriculture, Chris Chinn, on behalf of Governor Eric R. Greitens, proclaimed May as Beef Month during a proclamation ceremony held in the Saint Louis Science Center’s GROW Pavilion. Missouri cattlemen and women, along with nearly 150 students, teachers, and parents from St. Louis elementary schools were in attendance for the ceremony.
   “May is Beef Month” is celebrated nationwide in various states, including Missouri. The official proclamation was made to recognize the dedication and hard work of Missouri cattle producers, as well as the safe, wholesome beef they produce for consumers in Missouri, the United States, and globally. 
   Missouri beef producers are a driving force in the state's economy with a herd of 4 million head of cattle on more than 50,000 farms and ranches, encompassing nearly 10 million acres. Missouri’s cattle industry contributed more than $3.3 billion dollars in sales in 2016 to the state’s economy, creating more than 40,000 jobs. 
   In addition to the economic benefit beef provides to the state, beef has an important role at the dinner table providing the fuel consumers need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. A three ounce serving of beef provides 10 percent or more of 10 essential nutrients for less than 10 percent of the daily value for calories. More specifically, a three ounce serving of beef contains nearly 50 percent of the daily value for protein, which is important in building and repairing muscle. 
   “It was an honor to help kick off beef month with some of Missouri’s beef cattle ranchers and area elementary school students. We all interact with items that come from beef cows, and Missouri farms, every single day, which is why we bring special attention to the beef industry during the month of May.” said Director Chris Chinn.
   To celebrate the official kickoff to “May is Beef Month”, the students, teachers, and parents were invited to “Cattle Chat”, hosted by the Missouri    Beef Industry Council and the Saint Louis Science Center, immediately following the proclamation. Cattle Chat included presentations on animal health, animal nutrition, and the opportunity to visit a cow and her calf in the livestock corral at GROW. ∆
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