DuPont™ Lumisena™ Fungicide Seed Treatment

 Keith O’Bryan, DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Research Manager, Seed Treatments,
 U.S. is shown pointing out the difference in seed treated and that which is not.

 Photo by Jack Thompson

Best-In-Class Phytophthora Protection

   Phytophthora is the No. 1 disease in soybeans in North America and can significantly reduce soybean yields. New DuPont™ Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment provides the best protection from Phytophthora for healthier, more vigorous soybean stands and higher yield potential.
   Best-In-Class Protection
   • The only seed-applied technology that offers preventative, curative, eradicative, and antisporulant residual protection during multiple stages of the     Phytophthora pathogen’s life cycle.
   Maximizes Yield Potential 
In multi-year, on-farm DuPont Pioneer seed treatment trials, Lumisena™ seed treatment provided a 1.7 bu/acre yield advantage versus the industry standard seed treatment under Phytophthora pressure.*

Improves Soybean Stands in Harsh 

   In multi-year, on-farm DuPont Pioneer trials, Lumisena™ seed treatment improved plant stands by more than 2,500 plants per acre under heavy Phytophthora pressure versus the existing industry-standard seed treatment.*
   Enhances Vigor & Emergence
   • With Lumisena™ seed treatment, soybeans can get off to a strong, healthy start above and below ground to maximize early season growth for greater yield potential. ∆

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