Forage Conference And Tour Scheduled For Nov. 3

 Tom Ritz of Gentry, Ark., making square bales as he gets his first cutting of bermuda hay
 on April 26. Arkansas growers typically get their first cutting around June 1. Ritz shared 2012
 Grower of the Year honors from the Arkansas Quality Forage program, with Jamey Styles of
 Johnson County, Ark.

 U of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture photo by Robert Seay 

   Growing fall pasture can be an uphill battle in dry years – but the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture has the expertise to help producers make the best of any situation.
   The Arkansas Forage and Grassland Council’s Fall Forage Conference and Forage Tour is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 3, at the Pauline Whitaker Arena on the University of Arkansas farm in Fayetteville.
   Jane Parish, professor and director of the North Mississippi Research and Extension Center, will be the featured speaker. Parish will speak about how changes in their research farm winter grazing management strategies saved nearly $70,000 in hay feeding cost. 
   John Jennings, Professor of Forages from the Division of Agriculture, said attendees can also expect to learn about grazing strategies for dairy management, as well as the findings of Division of Agriculture research into quick-growth forages. 
   “These are fast-growing forages to turn to when other options are not available,” Jennings said. 
   In the afternoon program, attendees will tour the University farm to see studies on fall and winter forage options as well as silvopasture – the practice of intermingling grazing, forestry and livestock production – work on how different forages grow under different tree species. 
   Registration opens at 8:30 a.m., with a welcome and introductions 9:00 a.m. Registration can be paid at the door by cash, check or credit or debit card. The conference fee is $45 per person, $60 per couple, and $10 for students. Commercial exhibits and booths will be set up for attendees to see the latest forage management products. 
   Pre-registration is encouraged to help with conference and lunch planning. 
   “Anyone wanting to improve their forage system should attend this conference and tour,” Jennings said. 
   For more information about the conference or to pre-register, call Linda McCargo at 501-671-2171. The Pauline Whitaker Arena is located just off exit 66 on I-49 at 1335 W Knapp Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72704. ∆
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