Southwest Missouri Show-Me Select Bred Heifer Sale Is Nov. 17 At Joplin Stockyards

   The 37th Southwest Missouri Show-Me-Select Bred Heifer sale is set for Nov. 17 at Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage. This is the 20th year for the SMS added-value event that was introduced to Missouri by Dr. David Patterson, University of Missouri Extension beef reproduction specialist.
   “When Dr. Patterson arrived in 1996 he began introducing the state's beef cow-calf operators to technology that would improve reproductive and genetic performance. Along with that, a marketing component was added to showcase heifers that should enhance longevity in the breeding herd,” said Eldon Cole, livestock specialist, University of Missouri Extension.
   The previous southwest Missouri sales have totaled 9550 head of heifers. This sale has 365 head cataloged. Unique this year is that one-half of the heifers are Red Angus or Red Angus crosses.
   Previously around 80 percent or better have been Angus and Angus crosses. The latter includes a lot of Angus-Hereford crosses which are extremely popular with the buyers.
   The program has brought ultrasound pregnancy testing, fixed-time artificial insemination, expected progeny difference (EPD) use in breeding selection and DNA or genomic testing for performance evaluation to Missouri cattlemen.
   The upcoming SMS sale begins at 7 p.m. on Nov. 17.
   Heifers have cleared numerous hurdles to qualify to carry the SMS tag in their ear. In addition to genetic traits and early cycling and settling, they have met a rigorous health practices.
   “The whole process covers nearly a year from weaning to being in the late second to early third stage of pregnancy at the sale. They are guaranteed to remain bred at least 30 days from sale date. Those that don’t are replaced or money is refunded,” said Cole.
   The SMS program has put Missouri on the map as an excellent source for replacement heifers.
   Besides the Joplin sale, there are sales at Kirksville, Harrisonville, Farmington, Fruitland, and Palmyra. Check with your University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist for details. The Joplin sale is on DVAuction which attracts viewers from across the country.
   The cooperating partners in the venture include Missouri Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifers, Inc., University of Missouri Extension Animal Science, Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, Missouri Cattlemen's Association, Missouri Department of Agriculture and the livestock markets.
Contact Eldon Cole, MU Extension livestock specialist, for more details on the Joplin Yards SMS sale. He can be reached by telephone is 417-466-3102 or by email at ∆
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