Cattlemen Wiles And Franson Honored As Top Producers By Their Peers

   The Southwest Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Association presented two cattle producers with producer of the year recognition at their annual meeting in Springfield on Nov. 15.
   Truman Wiles, Willow Springs, an Angus breeder, received the association's seedstock award. Darrel Franson, Mt. Vernon was honored as the commercial producer of 2017.
   Wiles has been involved with Angus since the late 1960's when he was in 4-H.
   “He has built a reputation for raising high performance cattle through the use of technology,” said Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.
   Wiles began consigning bulls to the tested bull sale put on by SWMOBCIA in 2013 and has consistently topped the sales in price since then. He has sold 49 bulls since 2013. One repeat buyer has been the Brackenridge Brothers, El Dorado Springs. They were given the association's commercial producer award in 2002.
   Franson moved to Missouri from Wisconsin in 1992. His beef enterprise and forage production was his primary focus on his 115 acre farm.
   “Franson is an avid record keeper and used extensive artificial insemination with Angus and Simmental genetics to build his herd to around 80 or 90 cows. Weaning weights went from 460 lbs. to a peak of 636 lbs,” said Cole.
   Franson entered the Missouri Steer Feedout beginning in 2004 and collected feedlot and carcass data on 100 head which he used to guide his breeding choices and aid in marketing calves not fed out. More recently he has put heifers in the Show-Me-Select heifer program and topped the May 2016 and 2017 sales.
   During the business meeting the officers elected for the coming year were: Steve Greene, Springfield, president; Jerry Pyle, Seneca, vice-president; Andy McCorkill, Buffalo, secretary; Pam Naylor, Buffalo, treasurer and sale manager. ∆

 Seedstock Producer of 2017 – Truman & Pam Wiles, Willow Springs receive the plaque from
 Eldon Cole, University of Missouri, Extension livestock specialist.

 Photo credits: University of Missouri Extension

 Commercial Producer of 2017 – Darrel & Anita Franson, receive the plaque from Eldon Cole, University of Missouri  Extension livestock specialist.

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