Understanding Corn Seed Sizing

   When corn seed goes through the conditioning process, it is separated into fractions based on kernel size and shape creating uniformity.
   • Fractions of seed corn in different kernel sizes averaged across leading Pioneer ® brand hybrid families in the northern U.S.
   • Kernel size (small, medium or large) and shape (round or flat) is determined primarily by the position of the kernels on the ear.
   • Seed size and shape can also vary by hybrid and weather conditions during seed production, including temperature and rainfall.
   • Small round kernels originate from the ear tip, flats from the middle and large round kernels from the butt end of the ear.
   • All kernel sizes from the same hybrid have the same yield potential.

   • F denotes flat seed and R denotes round seed.
   • L denotes large seed and M denotes medium seed.
   • Precision design rounds and flats (PDR® seed and PDF® seed) reference specific sizes that are suitable to specific planter plates. The majority of the seed from an ear segregate into PDR seed and PDF seed fractions.
Impact of Seed Size
   • Kernel size has minimal effect on seed vigor, field emergence or final yield.
   • Seed is sized to maintain uniformity based on planter requirements.
   • The most important factor in corn yield is the choice of hybrid (genetics). Planting the right hybrid with the desired agronomic traits will provide the best overall yield results.
   • Nearly all kernel sizes can be successfully planted with all planter types. Additional adjustment may be required in some cases.
   • For the most precise recommendations, you can directly access information for individual seed batch numbers and your specific planter type with our Plantability Tool.
   • The Pioneer® Field360™ Plantability app easily scans a seed tag to provide planter setting recommendations, maximizing planter performance and seed-drop accuracy. This tool is available for iPad®, iPhone® and Android™ devices currently. ∆

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