Extension Plans Grain Bin Rescue Workshop

   Emergency responders and farmers will learn grain bin safety practices and rescue procedures during two workshops on April 17.
   The Mississippi State University Extension Service is hosting the grain bin rescue training programs at the Calhoun County Extension Office. Both programs are coordinated with the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation.
   Training for producers and farm laborers will be held from 2-4 p.m. Agricultural workers will learn preliminary steps to take when someone gets trapped in a grain bin.
   A 5 p.m. dinner will precede the 6-9 p.m. workshop. Firefighters and other first responders will learn how to safely remove someone trapped in a bin.     Turnout gear is required for this course. Three hours of educational credit will be given through the Mississippi State Fire Academy.
   There is no cost or preregistrations for the workshop.
   The Calhoun County Extension Office is on 121 Parker Street in Pittsboro. Email MSU Extension agent Trent Barnett for more information at trent.barnett@msstate.edu. ∆
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