Delta Center Breeding Program Updated At Field Day Aug. 31

(Editor’s Note: Drs. Pengyin Chen and Grover Shannon told growers about the latest developments in their breeding program at the Delta Center Field Day, Aug. 31. The two breeders are assisted in the program by research associates, Dr. Ali Liakat, Melissa Crisel and Scotty Smothers, and research specialists Michael Clubb, Jared Brands and Stewart Selves. Graduate student Caio Canella Vieira and research technicians Jamie Manuel, Morgan Riley, Bill Becker, Terkrisha Durden, Mallary Hoggard, Destiny Ayers, Chris Davis and Lee Dongho also work on the program.)

   Our soybean breeding program focuses on variety development and germplasm enhancement. The overall goal is to provide a steady flow of new and improved conventional and herbicide tolerant varieties adapted to Southeast Missouri and the Mid-South. Emphasis is placed on developing maturity groups IV and V varieties with high yield potential, broad adaptation, multiple disease resistance, environmental stress tolerance, and improved seed quality attributes, including high protein, high oil, high sucrose, low stachyose, high oleic, and low linolenic.     Efforts are also made in selecting lines with resistance to Stem Canker, Sudden Death Syndrome, Frogeye Leaf Spot, Phytophthora Rot, Cyst Nematode, Root Knot Nematode, and Reniform Nematode. Simultaneously, the team develops lines with tolerance to drought, flood, and salt stress.  Our breeding program is supported by the check-off funds through the United Soybean Board, Mid-south Soybean Board, and the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. 
   In 2017, we released an early-V maturity conventional line (S11-20242C, RM 5.1) and two RR lines (S14-15146GT, RM 4.6; S14-9017GT, RM 5.3). In the multi-year and multi-location tests across the southern US, these lines had yields equal to or better than the popular commercial check varieties. They also have a strong disease package and stress tolerance.  All three lines have been licensed to private entities for commercialization. Missouri Foundation Seeds is also producing limited amount of foundations seed of these lines.       
In 2018, we will propose releasing lines, for commercialization, depending on 2018 yield data and pending approval by the University of Missouri Soybean Seed Committee. Most of these lines are also being tested in 2018 USDA Uniform trials and multiple state variety tests. ∆

Breeders: Drs. Pengyin Chen and Grover Shannon; Research Associates: Dr. Ali Liakat, Melissa Crisel, Scotty Smothers; Research Specialists: Michael Clubb, Jared Brands, Stewart Selves; Graduate Student: Caio Canella Vieira; Research Technicians: Jamie Manuel, Morgan Perkins, Bill Becker, Terkrisha Durden, Mallary, Hoggard, Destiny Ayers, Chris Davis, Lee Dongho. 

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