MSU Extension Soil Testing Lab Offers New Services

   The Mississippi State University Extension Service Soil Testing Lab has new equipment that allows it to offer an expanded range of services to clients.
   A new carbon and nitrogen analyzer tests both soil and plant tissue. The new instrument adds soil nitrogen tests to the list of services offered by the Extension Soil Testing Lab and streamlines the process of obtaining soil organic matter and plant nitrogen analyses.
   Clients can now choose several different tests. First is the standard soil test for $8. A test for both soil and organic matter costs $10. For $4, clients can order a test for organic matter and soil nitrogen only, excluding the standard soil test. The plant tissue test remains $15 per sample.
   Soil tests are useful for clients interested in improving crops, lawns, home gardens and wildlife food plots. Optimal pH and soil fertility are critical to obtaining maximum plant growth and economic yields. Soil tests take the guesswork out of fertilizer and lime applications. Reducing excess fertilizer application saves money and prevents the environmental impacts of nutrient runoff.
   Forms, fee information, an online payment option and an instructional video for taking a soil sample are online at ∆
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