Spring Beef Meetings Scheduled For Southeastern Illinois

   Cattlemen in southeastern Illinois will have several opportunities to attend Spring Beef meetings that will cover various topics such as Creep feeding strategy & economics, learn about Purina’s new “Prolific” cattle mineral, update on Anaplasmosis research being conducted in southern Illinois, hay quality and impact on cow health, Beef industry update and special Purina mineral & mineral tub offers. Presenters include Jeremy Pruemer from FS Total Livestock Services, Teresa L. Steckler from University of Illinois Extension, and Robert Michaud from Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC.
   Please RSVP 24 hours prior to the start of each meeting. All meetings will be held at noon (except at Browns & Salem locations) at the following dates and locations:
   • February 5 at Wabash County Farm Bureau in Mt Carmel (to RSVP call 618-262-5865)
   • February 6 at Richland County Extension Office in Olney (to RSVP call 618-695-4917)
   • February 7 at Wabash Valley FS in Browns, Open House for all species including show animals
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (RSVP call 618-446-5152)
   • February 8 at Wabash Valley FS in Fairfield (to RSVP call 618-842-4870)
   • February 12 at Anthony’s Wild West Pizza in Flora (to RSVP call 217-690-3541)
   • February 12 at Marion County Farm Bureau in Salem 6:30 p.m.(to RSVP call 618-548-2100)
If you have additional questions, please call Jeremy Pruemer (217-690-3541). ∆

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