The Motor Movement

 From Left to Right: Steve Anvender, Ken Anvender, Butch Koeppel, Orville Thoma. 

   On the 24th of January, a surprise visit from Ken and Steve Anvender brought bright news to Agri Systems of Cape and Jackson. Butch Koeppel and Orville Thoma were presented with the Leeson “Distributor Growth Partner” award of 2018. This award was received for outstanding Leeson motor sales in 2018. It is a testament of Butch and Orville’s hard work and effort to grow in the motor industry and is only a whisper of what the future may hold for Agri Systems of Cape and Jackson.
   Agri Systems has been partnered with the Anvenders at Premier Products Incorporated since 2008. The had sold motors on a “customer need” basis for years while primarily focusing on grain handling equipment needs. Now, with Orville spearheading the motor movement, Agri Systems is looking at a future full of motors. On a daily basis, Orville receives multiple motors to service and repair. He also stocks a variety of new motors. 
   In a conversation with the office manager, she stated, “Recently a man came in and said, ‘I hear you guys have a man that’s the Cat's Meow when it comes to motors’ and before the man left, she asked if he truly thought Orville was and he said yes, definitely.” After three short months, Orville has secured many new accounts and with his help, Agri Systems has become Leeson’s newest warranty location.
   The Leeson award is just the beginning of a very bright future for Agri Systems and Orville.  The Cat’s Meow of motors doesn’t just stop at selling motors, he repairs them and now warranties them. With Premier Products standing beside them, Agri Systems is starting a motor movement. ∆
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