Cotton Researcher Of The Year

   Dr. Bill Robertson, Professor, Cotton Extension Agronomist at University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, has been named the 2019 Cotton Researcher of the Year at the 22nd Annual National Cotton & Rice Conference, Southern Corn & Soybean Conference, Southern Precision Ag Conference and the Delta States Irrigation Conference.
   Robertson earned a Bachelor of Science Plant Science, at West Texas State University. He earned a Masters and Ph.D in Agronomy at Texas A&M University.
   As Manager, Cotton Agronomy, Soils and Physiology, National Cotton Council Robertson worked as a member of technical services.     Robertson provided technical expertise to program committees in the development of National Cotton Council policy and worked toward carrying out Council policy once approved. He served as Council’s principle contact with federal and state research and Extension organizations and grower organizations, dealing with agronomy, physiology, soil and water conservation management and sustainability issues.
   “His work is a passion that he carries with him,” said a colleague. “Robertson has worked closely with federal and state agencies to achieve success in providing research on using cover crops in the cotton crop rotation. Robertson provided leadership in demonstrating how cover crops was used to improve water filtration into the soil and saving the farmers economic resources while increasing cotton yields. Robertson also demonstrated that using cover crops depress weeds and controlled soil erosion.”
   "Robertson provided leadership to the Arkansas Soil Health Alliance and worked closely in developing the first joint Soil Health In-Service Training among the districts, state and federal agencies. He is always very fruitful of his time and has spoken at several area soil health meetings across the state. He is always willing to assist anyone with the most current information.”
   The Ag Council of Arkansas added, “Robertson is a widely revered cotton research specialist with the University of Arkansas and has a long history of working for the cotton industry of the Mid-South and the United States. His tireless work on behalf of Arkansas cotton farmers through his work at the University of Arkansas has provided tremendous value to our cotton industry.”
   “Much of Roberson’s recent research and education focus has largely been related to soil health and managing fertility needs of cotton fields. His agronomic advice has helped make cotton farming more profitable in Arkansas by increasing efficiencies through the adoption of certain conservation practices and precision agriculture techniques. In addition, Arkansas continues year after year to push towards record cotton yields, which is critical in a time of high and ever increasing input costs and modest lint and seed prices.”
   In his spare time, Robertson owns and operates a small farm in Jackson County Arkansas. He produces commercial and registered Hereford cattle, meat goats, hair sheep, livestock guardian dogs and heritage breeds of poultry and waterfowl. ∆
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