Soybean & Corn Farmer Of The Year

 Photo by John LaRose, Jr.

   Robbie Howard of Lake Providence, LA, has been named the 2019 Soybean and Corn Farmer of the Year at the 22nd Annual National Cotton & Rice Conference, Southern Corn & Soybean Conference, Southern Precision Ag Conference and the Delta States Irrigation Conference.
   Howard is a 2011 graduate of the Louisiana Master Farmer Program and was re-certified in 2016. He has been involved in the Northeast Rolling Crops Field Tour (Louisiana) and works with NRCS to implement whatever conservation practices are needed in addressing resource issues.
   A no-till grower since 2000, Howard farms 2,880 acres of corn and soybeans. He is an avid believer in soil health and sustainability for his farm and implements no-till or minimum tillage in his corn and soybean rotation. He has integrated cover crops into his operation for many years and has seen improved organic matter levels and soil tilth.
   Howard is concerned with preserving the land for future generations of producers. He has been practicing conservation tillage systems and growing cover crops for over ten years. He has been a valuable source of information for others when it comes to growing cover crops and maximizing their benefits. Howard is willing to share his knowledge and expertise, inviting others to visit his farm and talk about different cover crops and management practices and how they affect cash crop growth and development.
   LSU AgCenter personnel have conducted several demonstrations on his farm. He is great to work with. Howard has spoken at many meetings sharing his experiences with cover crops and conservation practices. His farm operation is a testament to the benefits of conservation systems in agriculture production.
   Howard is a member of the Farm Bureau, Rotary and the Louisiana Soybean Association. ∆
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