Destroying A Poor Stand Of Corn And Replanting Back To Corn


   There was very little early corn planted this spring. The corn that was planted has been subjected to significant cold and wet conditions which increase the probability that some of it may need to be replanted. Hopefully no one will need this information, but if so there are several options to control a thin corn stand and replant back to corn.
   The options, like Select Max, need a waiting period before it can be planted back to corn.  Others, like tankmixes of paraquat plus atrazine, allow corn to be replanted right away. Please find attached the results of a study Angela McClure and I conducted on destroying freeze damaged corn and replanting back to corn. We repeated the study the next year on a good stand of corn and got the same results. In this publication (Replanting corn in a failed corn stand) you will find a number of different herbicide options  that did a good job controlling an unwanted stand of corn.
   Many over the past decade have used the recommendations to satisfactory results. The most consistent time to control an old corn stand is around the V2 corn stage, which was the timing the research was conducted. Our experience has been over the years that once the old corn stand matures past V2 results from the herbicides in the publication will likely be more sketchy. In those cases, consider using higher rates of the herbicides in the publication to improve the chance for good control. ∆
   DR. LARRY STECKEL: Extension Weed Specialist, University of Tennessee
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