Division Of Agriculture Releases Revised Crop Budgets

   As producers across Arkansas consider how to proceed in a year of wide-spread delayed or prevented planting, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture has released revised crop enterprise budgets to reflect current market prices and changes in input prices.
Breana Watkins, an economic program associate for the Division of Agriculture, said the budgets are useful in helping growers to move forward when plans change.
   “The budgets provide a great tool for producers looking to evaluate the economics of alternative crops to aid in planting decisions,” Watkins said. 
   The budgets can be accessed online at https://www.uaex.edu/farm-ranch/economics-marketing/farm-planning/budgets/crop-budgets.aspx
   Additionally, Division of Agriculture researchers have compiled information on break-even prices and yields for soybeans, providing relevant economic data for a wide variety of soybeans. The information can be accessed at
https://www.uaex.edu/farm-ranch/economics-marketing/farm-planning/ under the dropdown tab labeled “Arkansas Breakeven Prices and Yields for Soybean Cost of Production Budgets.” 
   “As producers are looking to switch acreage to soybeans, these PDFs give a quick view of break-even prices and yields for all of the soybean enterprise budgets, including various crop-share arrangements,” Watkins said. ∆
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