1930 Farmall Regular

   This tractor is a 1030 Farmall Regular owned by Harlan Hacker of Perryville, Mo. The tractor was previously owned by his grandfather, Walter Hacker, and used for crop and livestock farming in the Longtown, Mo. area. The Farmall Regular was manufactured in March 1930 in Chicago, Ill. and purchased by Mr. Hacker later that year. Interestingly, the first Farmalls were painted this blue-gray color until the 1937 production year and then changed to the familiar red color. The tractor was restored by Chris Sinn, a family friend and antique tractor enthusiast from Bloomsdale, Mo. With Farmall being the featured tractor this year, come see this piece of Farmall history and many others at the 42nd Annual Old Timer’s Day at the Seminary Grounds in Perryville, Mo. May 25-26, 2019. ∆
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