Crop Advisor Of The Year

   Amy Beth Dowdy, owner ABD Crop Consultants LLC., Dexter, MO, has been named the 2019 Certified Crop Advisor of the Year at the 22nd Annual National Cotton & Rice Conference, Southern Corn & Soybean Conference, Southern Precision Ag Conference and the Delta States Irrigation Conference.
   Dowdy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy for Mississippi State University. She is a Chapter member of the Stoddard County Fair Board and the first rice consultant in the Bootheel of Missouri.
   Described by her associates, Dowdy is passionate about rice. “It didn’t take me long to notice something different about Amy Beth compared to most of my customers/consultants. She is completely dedicated to her growers and their rice crop. Yes, I said rice, she is very knowledgeable of all southern agriculture but she focuses only on rice. That is, in itself very unique. Only consulting a grower’s rice crop is almost unheard of, I know of only one other consultant in the entire Mid-South that focuses only on rice.”
   “There is another thing that shows how dedicated Amy Beth is to her growers. For four to five months (the growing season) Amy Beth moves into a hotel in Blytheville to be closer to her growers.”
   “She has been consulting on rice for over 25 years. She is the first woman to do a man’s job, a leader in the rice industry. Dowdy has served on several state and national committees.”
   “I have seen growers that rely on the consultants and field men, BUT I have never seen growers as dependent on anyone as Amy Beth’s customers are on her. They will not do anything without asking her first or taking advice from her!”
   “I work very closely with retail salesmen, field men and consultants in Arkansas, Mississippi, West Tennessee and the Bootheel of Missouri and I can’t think of one that works harder than Amy Beth. She is involved with several agriculture organizations throughout the Mid-South and nationally.”
   “Amy Beth has always been very interested in learning everything she can during the winter months. She attends meetings locally and is involved in consultant organizations throughout the country.” 
   The National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants honored Amy Beth Dowdy as Consultant of the year in 2009. ∆ 
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