SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC Has Successful First Year

   SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC completed their first year of business on June 30, 2019. It has been a successful year. The owners stated, “We are continually upgrading our facility which is increasing our efficiency and flow of the sale. We would love to advertise your consignments. When you contact us if you have a herd dispersal or large group, we can get the word out to attract more buyers and maximize the value of your livestock.” SEMO Livestock Sales has a Pre Vac Program that also honors Purina, MFA, Select Vac and other approved vaccination programs. If you qualify you can receive a rebate thru the facility. “The vaccine program has been well received. The value added cattle are in demand and bring top dollar. Please contact us for more details on this program. If you would like for us to visit you on your farm or discuss any of our programs, please give us a call.”  
   Cattle sales are on Tuesday at 11:00 am. The weekly sale order is: baby bottle calves, feeder cattle, breeding stock, and then slaughter cattle. On the first and third Tuesday, they feature preconditioned, Vac Program  feeder cattle but they are also offered throughout the month. On the second Tuesday of the month they feature breeding stock, bred cows, cow/calf pairs, and breeding bulls. Hogs are sold before the cattle sale on the fourth Tuesday at 10:00 am. Other hosted auctions during the month are the sheep, goat, and small caged animal sales. They are held on the third Friday of the month at 9:00 am with the certain exceptions. The September sale is on September 27. Starting in August, they will feature horse and tack auctions. They will be held on the third Saturday of the month in even numbered months at 1:00 pm. The first sale will be on August 17. During the months of May and December, Show-Me Select Bred Heifer sales draw large numbers of buyers.  
   SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC is located at 7505 US Hwy 61, Jackson, MO They can be reached at 573-243-4255 or  Owners:  Neal Franke 573-382-0003, David Steinbecker, Jr. 573-517-3966, and Mark Steinbecker 573-768-2462.  Follow SEMO Livestock Sales on Facebook or their website, and watch for the weekly market report. ∆
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