Missouri Steer Feedout Results Released; Only One Of 21 Groups Show A Profit Says MU Extension Specialist

 Steve Jones, Mt. Vernon Top Retail Value Per Days of Age at $4.159

   The closeout performance data from the 2018-19 Missouri Steer Feedout was revealed at the Finale on July 2 at Mt. Vernon.
   The feedout began in November with 192 steers entered by 21 producers. Following the weighing, tagging and evaluation by market graders, the steers were sent to Atlantic, IA for finishing at a Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity lot.
   After the data was analyzed, the steers averaged a loss of $122.69 per head. Only one of the 21 groups showed a profit even though 53 steers of the 182 that completed the program showed a positive return.
   The profitable group was entered by, long-time feedout participant Norman Garton, Nevada. His purebred Angus showed a profit of $13.79 per head. Their profitability was aided by the top daily gain of 3.65 lbs per day. Seven steers received premiums for carcasses that were either Prime, Certified Angus Beef or Yield Grade 2's.
   The closest group to Garton’s top profit steers was Jeff Goodnight’s, Republic purebred Angus. They showed a $0.74 per head loss. They were the third best gainers at 3.59 lbs per day. Nine of his 13 head received a price boost by qualifying for Prime, Certified Angus beef or Yield Grade 2’s.
   Rounding out the top five groups, based on profit/loss were: Larry Peters, Carthage with 12 Simmental & Angus-sired calves that gained 3.48 lbs. and 75 percent graded Choice with 42 percent making Yield Grades 1 and 2; and Ronnie Veith, Purdy had 12 Polled Hereford and Angus-sired calves with 75 percent grading Choice and 33 percent were Yield Grades 1 and 2. His group included the overall, profitable individual on a profit of $160.11. He was a CAB steer with a 3.72 daily gain.
   Steve Jones, Mt. Vernon sent 7 Angus, AI-sired steers with SimAngus dams. They were all graded Choice with 5 making Certified Angus Beef. They were the top group for Retail Value per Days of Age. A Jones steer topped the rate of gain competition with 4.40 lbs. Per day.     He weighed 1556 lbs at harvest which was tops for the feedout.
   “The feedout program was established in 1981 to provide cow-calf producers, both seedstock and commercial producers, a low-risk method to evaluate their cattle. It is also used to help market cattle and determine if retained ownership is an option they should use,” said Eldon Cole, field livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.
   The feedout is coordinated by University of Missouri Extension in cooperation with Iowa State Extension, Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity Cooperative, Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Missouri and Southwest Missouri Cattlemen's Association.
Complete results are included in a presentation that may be accessed at
   The next feedout will be for steers born after January 1, 2019. Entries are due October 10 with delivery for pickup at Paris and Carthage on November 5. ∆

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