Ear Tag Update


   You may recall last month I put a picture in my letter of a 1960’s tag. 
   At the Beef Improvement Federation in Brookings, South Dakota which I attended, a speaker, Mark Trotter at Central Queensland University, spoke about the up and coming, smart ear tags. The smart tags will have many uses but come with a fairly high price tag. Since technology usually improves and it gets cheaper. We will likely see them used for, location, behavior, health and many other management/records practices.
   Examples of their use he mentioned include: bull mating activity; weights; calving; temperament; disease detection; grazing and rumination behavior as a measure of pasture quality; virtual fencing like some folks now have to keep their pets on their property; theft; insects that reduce animal performance.
   Today, items such as this tag are used on research projects, but in a bulkier package and the $50 plus price tag will limit their use but it will happen. ∆
   ELDON COLE: Extension Livestock Specialist, University of Missouri

 1960’s Tag

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