94th Tested Bull Sale Is Oct. 28 At Springfield Livestock Marketing Center

   The 94th Southwest Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Association bull sale begins at 7 p.m., Oct. 28 at the Springfield Livestock Marketing Center.
Starting at 5:30 pm in the sale day, MU Extension field specialists in livestock will hold a question-answer session in the sale ring.
   The sale has 35 Angus and 2 Red Angus bulls that have met several performance criteria to be eligible for this elite sale.
   The BCIA, in conjunction with University of Missouri Extension field specialists, have set the following standards for a bull to qualify: adjusted 365 day weight 1100 lbs; yearling frame score 5.0 or more; must be above breed average for 3 of 6 EPD values that include calving ease, weaning weight, yearling weight, milk, intramuscular fat and ribeye area.
   Several of the bulls in the offering have met all six EPD traits. The 35 Angus bulls have an average EPD for a calving ease of nine so persons looking for a calving ease bull should have no problem finding him in this sale. The average yearling weight EPD of 118 ranks the group in the 15th percentile.
   “Remember most cattle end up selling by the pound so look closely at yearling EPDs for growth. The EPD is a more accurate measure of genetic growth than adjusted yearling weight,” said Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension. “If you’re interested in retained ownership then look closely at the EPDs for intramuscular fat and ribeye area.”
   Indexes are becoming more popular as they help buyers evaluate bulls for several traits by using a weighting system. For example, the Angus in this sale have the $Wean that, considers birth and weaning weight, milk and mature cow size.
   The Red Angus has their Herd Builder index which combines stayability, heifer pregnancy and calving ease. Their index for retained ownership programs includes emphasis on marbling, yield grade and growth.
   Note also, the EPD’s in the sale include genomic testing which improves their accuracy. All bulls have been genomically tested.
   The bulls will arrive at the sale location by 1 pm sale day. Prospective buyers should obtain a sale catalog in advance of the sale.
   “Study the data and decide the bulls that should lead your herd’s in the direction you wish. After marking your catalog go and visually inspect the bulls to see if they meet your and your spouse's expectations,” said Cole. “I always tell prospective buyers the bulls must work on paper first then go and look to see if they're sound from the ground up.”
   A few bulls are pictured on the BCIA's web site at along with the sale catalog. Catalogs are available from MU Extensions specialists or contact sale manager, Phoebe S. Wiles, West Plains, telephone 417-293-8002. ∆

 Bull being offered at this sale
 Photos credit: MU Extension

 Bull in the arena

 Bull in holding area
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