David Hula Shatters World Corn Yield Record

   David Hula, Virginia corn and soybean grower, beat the world corn yield record of 542 bushels per acre with 616 bushels per acre. Hula is no stranger to this type of yield success, as he set the previous record in 2017.
   Hula always incorporates the latest innovations on his fields to earn high yields, including applying BASF’s Headline AMP® fungicide. This year in addition to Headline AMP fungicide, Hula used BASF’s newest Plant Health product, Veltyma™ fungicide, on his record-breaking field.
   “It is really great to see what is possible with each new yield record that is set,” said Dr. Josh Miller, BASF Technical Marketing Manager.  “As we continue to remove limiting factors like soil pH, nutrients and other pests, BASF Plant Health is proving to be an essential part of high yields in our row crops. It is rewarding that David and so many other growers are setting new records with our Plant Health fungicides.”
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